Like A Fine Wine, The Nike Vapormax Plus “Burgundy”

Even if the Vapormax Plus was just replaced by the Vapormax 2023 Flyknit, it is still obvious that it belongs on Nike’s stores. While we’ve only seen a handful of hues this year so far, more are already starting to appear, like this recently unveiled, Burgundy-colored design.

The Nike Vapormax Plus “Burgundy,” which has a finish that is almost totally dark red, has a strong resemblance to a superb red wine. Many components of the shoe, including the synthetic materials used for its upper and the translucent color of its bubbled sole, evoke thoughts of alcoholic beverages. Even the TPU cage’s sheen is comparable to finer things since it resembles the glass bottles used to store the most expensive vintages of wine.

Here is a deeper look at the Nike Vapormax Plus “Burgundy” as provided by the brand. Despite the lack of a release date, we should soon be able to purchase these on and at a few other shops.

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