New High: Sneaker Made from Weed Valued at $1,000 Unveiled

The Weedo is a limited-edition sneaker release created by 8000Kicks in collaboration with Nisiseltor
Studio. Each pair contains up to 500 grams of high-quality CBD marijuana, mostly on the low-cut upper.
The marketers claim that the plant was reduced to tiny pieces using an industrial grinder before being
stitched onto the shoe, a process that took about 30 hours to complete. It’s also important to remember
that there are only 100 pairs of the sneaker, each of which costs between 1,000 and 1,500 euros.
“This limited edition sneaker is a unique creation that demonstrates our dedication to innovation and
customer demand. Bernardo Carreira, the CEO of 8000Kicks, stated, “We think this concept will surprise
our clients who are looking for a more quirky pair.

On, interested customers can sign up to receive notifications when the Nisiseltor Studio
Weedo shoe becomes available.

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